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What is AMIS?

AMIS is an original project concerning the second call: Human Language Understanding; Grounding Language Learning. This project acts on different data: video, audio and text. We consider the understanding process, to be the aptitude to capture the most important ideas contained in a media expressed in a foreign language, which would be compared to an equivalent document in the mother tongue of a user. In other words, the understanding will be approached by the global meaning of the content of a support and not by the meaning of each fragment of a video, audio or text. The idea of AMIS is to facilitate the comprehension of the huge amount of information available in TV shows, internet etc. One of the possibilities to reach this objective is to summarize the amount of information and then to translate it into the end-user language. Another objective of this project is to access to the underlying emotion or opinion contained in two medias. To do this, we propose to compare the opinion of two media supports, concerning the same topic, expressed in two different languages. The idea is to study the divergence and the convergence of opinions of two documents whatever their supports. Several skills are necessary to achieve this objective: video summarization, automatic speech recognition, machine translation, language modelling, sentiment-analysis, etc. Each of them, in our consortium, is treated by machine learning techniques; nevertheless human language processing is necessary for identifying the relevant opinions and for evaluating the quality of video, audio and text summarization by the end-user.



The project is comprised between December 2015 and November 2018.



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